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Having a beautiful lawn is a process

To enjoy the gorgeous lawn you have always wanted, you must pay attention both to how it is established and how it is maintained. Let us help you achieve your dream lawn.

• Irrigate properly for your lawn. The soil should be wet between 4 and 6 inches down for optimum lawn health.

• Avoid the use of broad-spectrum pesticides that can hinder clipping decomposition and increase the risk of disease.

• Avoid overly-aggressive mowing. Remove no more than 1/3 of the leaf blade in a single cutting session.

• Keep your mower blades sharp; dull blades can wound your grass and make it more susceptible to pests and diseases.

• Leave some grass clippings on your lawn to act as a fertilizer.

Create and maintain your ideal lawn

• Dig up weeds by hand and sprinkle grass seed on any bare spots, so that weeds can't fill in.

• Keep grass growing vigorously to crowd out weeds. Taller blades of grass can prevent weed seeds from germinating.

• Use a corn-gluten meal to prevent certain broadleaf weeds from germinating. Apply in the spring or the fall before annual weeds begin germinating.

How to sensibly deal with weeds

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